Jay Czarkowski
Jay Czarkowski
Cannabis Enterpreneur, Investor, and Advocate
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Jay Czarkowski is an influential cannabis entrepreneur, investor, and advocate.

Jay Czarkowski has been building the cannabis industry since its inception as an entrepreneur, investor, and advocate; first as a vertically-licensed operator, and now as an award-winning consultant and executive-level recruiter. A well-connected and respected industry leader, Jay and his team have helped build cannabis industries in more than a dozen states, and worked with clients in 29 U.S. state markets plus Puerto Rico, Guam, and Canada.

Jay forges new avenues in the legal cannabis market with informed agility and strategic sophistication in his role as Founding Partner of Canna Advisors and H2 Talent. Jay has paved the way for innovative start-ups and technologies in the cannabis industry over the last decade, drawing on his direct regulatory experience as an operator and consultant.










National Cannabis Industry Association

As a Founding Member of the NCIA, Jay understands the value of advocacy, education, and community, which are the three pillars the organization is founded upon. He knows that if we expect to profit in the industry, we also need to support the responsible expansion of it. Jay attends, sponsors, and speaks at NCIA events, and he also donates time and money to further the efforts of this esteemed national organization.  

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Jay is known for moving in the top investor circles nationally and beyond. He is a lifetime investor member of the ArcView Group where he frequently acts as a “shark” on their Shark Tank-style panels. These panels are one of the last lines of defense between entrepreneurs and investors, and they facilitate a form of due diligence for both parties. Jay received Arcview’s Outstanding Member award in 2016 for his outstanding service in the industry. He and his wife Diane joined as Lifetime Investor Members in the group’s infancy, and have put a lot of time and energy into supporting the company’s growth. Jay is a member insider and an active investor who also speaks and sponsors Arcview events.


Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Jay feels that it is important to pass along the knowledge he’s gained from being a pioneer in the cannabis industry to the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators. Jay has been a sustaining member of the SSDP since 2014 and has spoken at many of their events around the country.  SSDP is an international network of students and young people dedicated to ending the war on drugs and having conversations about drugs and drug policy, so it is a great way for him to engage with the bright minds that will be instrumental in the cannabis industry’s future.

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Jay livens up the office with some sayings that he uses frequently, and over the years these quotes have become affectionately known as “Jay-isms”   


Jay in Action


 Jay & Diane speak about CWCBE Events

Banking Burden on Cannabis Businesses


Jay talks about Preparing for Success


Jay in the News


Jay’s lively personality and deep experience as an early operator and trusted advisor has made him a thought-leader in the cannabis industry. See some of the insight and wisdom he has shared with local, regional, and national press publications.